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Across the Channel is a study on Italians and the British-Italians in the United Kingdom.

It is funded and supported by Brunel University, Institute of Communities and Society.

This study aims to hear about the experiences of Italians and British-Italians in the United Kingdom, particularly after Brexit and in matters concerning applications to obtain the Settled Status and/or British citizenship. 

Social, cultural, occupational, and financial perspectives are main topics of this research. We encourage LGBTQI & BIPOC people to take part in it.

The participants have to match the following criteria:

  • You have an Italian ethnic background and/or citizenship/s, and/or a British one if you are part of a household/family unit/affective/support network that includes Italians and British- Italians, also as part of mixed nationalities/ethnic backgrounds;
  • You currently live or have been living in the UK for more than one continuous year at any one point from 2015 to the present.

As part of the research,there is a Questionnaire, which is fully GDPR-compliant and entirely anonymous; it shoudl take no more than 5 minutes to take.

Your responses will be invaluable for us to understand the broadest range of perspectives. Thank you for circulating the questionnaire through your channels.

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