status: inactive
Gorgòn is an Italy-based arts and cultures magazine that has been active between 2007 and 2012. It has experimented with publishing at the intersection of early social networks languages, Goth subcultures, clubbing, and independent artistry.

Bringing together emerging and established artists, journalists, and academics from Italy, Gorgòn worked as a platform to experiment in mediated and live social connections around arts and lifestyle.

Gorgòn was published by cultural associations Ludica and, later, Sabbatica, both based in Bologna.

Over five years, Gorgòn has published works in literary criticism, philosophy, film theory, art critique, and anthropology, covering subjects such as dystopian literature, play, folklore, festivals, carnivals, paganism, Greek mythology, serial killers, vampirism, Goth cultures and fashion, as well as book and film reviews, original visual and auditory artwork, and its trademark ‘polemic’ debates between scholars of diverse backgrounds.

You can check Gorgòn here.