I am a Lecturer in Media, Culture and Society at Brunel University, London.

I have an interdisciplinary background encompassing the study of media, the sociology of culture, and an ethnographic approach to social research.

Most of my recent work revolves around nationhood, ethnicity, and the media, as well as national, transnational, and regional Italian identities.

Expertise and Methods

My main interests revolve around the representational and social dynamics of identity construction. I am particularly interested in the relations between media (traditional, digital, and social) and ethnicity, cultural heritage, and public histories.

My approach blends critical theory with applied media and design interventions, including documentary film and digital games.

I specialise in qualitative social research methods, with an emphasis on ethnography and reception studies.

Research History

I got my PhD in Intercultural Studies from University College London (CMII & Greek and Latin). My PhD focused on the reception of Greek antiquity in the media and in public discourses. It also involved ethnographic fieldwork in heritage and tourism sites in ‘South’ Italy.

I have previously obtained a BA+MA in Communication Sciences and an MA in Publishing from Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna & SSSUB / Centro Studi Internazionale Umberto Eco. Following that I have taught subjects in the fields of Media and Cultural Studies, Social Research, and the Humanities at University College London, the University of the Arts (LCC & CSM), up to my current appointment at Brunel University, London. During this time I have researched and written in the field of cultural sociology about heritage and historical reception, youth subcultures, pornography and visual cultures, national representations in media industries, gender in the creative industries, systemic inequality in the UK Higher Education, and speciesism

I have been quite active in the field of games studies, particularly in the areas of Cultural representations, Diversity, National Industries and Identities, and the theorisation of play in social perspectives. I am a Founding Member and currently the Managing Editor of GAME Journal, as well as a Board Member of DiGRA Italia & British DiGRA and MECCSA. My latest publications involve a cultural study on video game characters, national productions, and gender perspectives.

I am also a member of the Editorial Board of JICMS – Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies. One of my ongoing research areas pertains to global and transnational Italian cultures in the media.

Current/Ongoing Research

My most recent work focuses on the nexus between the media, heritage, history, and representations.

My monograph Geographies of Myth and places of Identity (out early 2022) investigates the social impact of the media and the historical narratives of Great Greece and Homeric Geographies on the images, tourism policies, and local historiographies of Calabria, Italy.

I am currently writing research projects and study papers on topics that include nationality and identities in the creative industries, the regional landscape in the transnational media imaginary, and the role of media poductions as sites of identity-making.

I am interested in the development of media for advocacy and social issues, including digital media and apps, ‘serious’, educational, and historical games, and documentary film.

Research Outputs

 Talks ~ Monographs ~ Edited ~ Articles ~ Reference ~ Book Chapters

You can read more about my academic work on academia.edu.