Recent & upcoming Guest Lectures/Addresses

2020 – Italy in Games/Games in Italy. Images of the Nation and the Rise of a National Industry –  Marco Benoît Carbone (Brunel University London) & Riccardo Fassone (Università di Torino), «Mediating Italy in Global Culture Summer School. III Online Edition», Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna.

Recent Conference Talks

2021, Nuovi modi di esplorare la storia? I videogiochi tra controfattualità e realismo. MEDIEVALISMI AUTUNNALI. Il Medioevo nella Popular Culture. Bologna, 11-13 novembre 2021. Convegno internazionale a cura del Centro Internazionale di Studi Umanistici “Umberto Eco”, Università di Bologna.
2021 – Great Greece’s long shadow. Historicity, historiographies, and past futures in Calabria. Terzo Convegno Nazionale della SIAC. Future. Anthropology of the Future, the Future of Anthropology, Rome & online.
2021 – Walking with tentacles. Monstrosity in Carrion’s ‘reverse horror’ mechanics. “Monstrosity. The 17th Annual Tampere University Game Research Lab Spring Seminar”. April 20-22, 2021.
2021 – Beyond place marketing: fieldwork experience in tourist sites. A case study in Scilla, Italy. On Experience: Techne Student Congress, 27-29 January, Brunel University, London.
2021 – The Greeks and the ‘Rabble’: popular historiographies and ideological appropriations of Greek antiquity in Calabria, Italy. AIA/SCS Joint Annual Meeting, 5-10 January.
2019 – Heirs of the Greeks: Global histories, ethnicity, and auto-ethnography in South Italy. Anthropology Research Seminars, Brunel University, London.
2019 – Ah, Spaghetti… Character Construction and transnational branding. Super Mario’s ‘Italianness’. DiGRA International Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 6-10 August.
2018 – Denizens of the Odyssey. Heritage, tourism, and visual consumption of antiquiy in Calabria. Visual Intersections III, University of Durham, 11 July.

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