This talk focused on Carrion (2020) and other examples to investigate the recent definition of ‘reverse horror’ mechanics from the standpoint of the role played and affordances offered by monstrosity in terms of design, aesthetics, and axiology. In Carrion, the player controls a tentacular monster intent in devouring humans to grow in size and take over the science facility that had unwisely worked as its birthplace. Drawing on a textual analysis of the game, a genealogical approach to its figurative and functional antecedents in digital games and other media, and a primary investigation of the design process, the study looks at Carrion as a self-characterised attempt of innovative mechanics that represents a promising approach to diversifying processes of character embodiment in the medium.

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2021 – Walking with tentacles. Monstrosity in Carrion’s ‘reverse horror’ mechanics. “Monstrosity. The 17th Annual Tampere University Game Research Lab Spring Seminar”. April 20-22, 2021.